Section B activated when I activate audits in Section A

Hi, using MMO and auditing multiple patterns or songs in Section A (right-clicking on the Play button), when I switch on the following pattern/song the Section B is also activated and apparently playing

I am unable anyway to understand if Scaler will play (and record) the 2 sections together, that can be useful (more notes available), or a just mess (unwanted notes played/recorded)

Never heard of that happening. You’ve never mentioned it till now so what has changed in the way you are doing things. If I click on the play button in Section A it just runs through the chords in A. Is anything triggering the chords in B? Is Bind on?

Just tried to duplicate this and I can’t/ Section A just plays section A. I did make a discovery that if you right-click on the play button it loops through the chords in A quickly. If you just click the play button it plays slowly without loop. Presumably at the rate set in Global beats.
In any event I cannot get Section A and B to play at the same time whether by accident or on purpose.

cybersorcery likely…

Is this a continual problem? Only happen in Bitwig or also Live?

I uninstalled Live totally :grinning:
so it happens in Bitwig
now I’ll go to jam and study Opus Brass a bit, so I’ll see

Hi @ClaudioPorcellana

No sorcery was involved, there was a small bug that caused this in 2.7.0
It has been fixed in 2.7.1 which should be available soon.

aha :grinning:
thanks for information Eduard