Section B not sync'd to Scales tab but does work with Songs and Artists tabs

I just loaded Scaler2 and I’m following the official tutorial. When I first load the program, Section B is not there and according to the Manual pg 32, it should “automatically appear” when I select any of the Key/Mode selections under the Scales tab, however it does not appear. I can only get Section B to appear when I select anything from the Songs or Artists tabs, however when I go back to the Scales tab Section B retains the chord root from the previous Songs or Artists tab, it does not follow anything I select under the Scales tab. Why does Section B not engage when I’m using the Scales tab? I am using Win11 and Cubase Pro 12/VST3. Thanks.

Do you mean these buttons here - You need to click on the Scale you are going to use be fore it shows -
If you mean something else maybe you could clarify. You always need to choose the Scale in the middle for Section B except when choosing an artist/Song then it is already chosen.

Hi jamieh, you are correct! Thank you so much for pointing that out. I hope the developers see this message and remove the need to click on the one and only Note/Scale/Mode being shown, if the user has already selected the Note and Scale or Mode they want to work with from the drop-down boxes. Of course if there are multiple Notes or Modes in the Scales area, one would need to click again to select one, but otherwise the Section B chords should autopopulate. Neither the Manual nor Tutorial mentioned this fact.