Select All Chords button or shortcut?

Is there a Select-All Chords button shortcut, particularly for section A?

After I import a song, I have perhaps 50 chords in a single line.
Selecting them with a mouse is awkward and slow.

Is there a simple way to select them all and shift them to Pad or Section C, so I can see them in a grid?

Hi @Sseltenrych

you can use Right-Click > Select All.

Screen Shot 2021-09-28 at 10.40.31 am

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Just be sure your mouse tip is between the chords

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Thanks, I didn’t think to right click between them!

A couple other things to know…while the UI will let you select all single notes (A) captured during an audio or MIDI detection, you won’t be able to do anything other than delete them. image

One interesting thing with using chords from a detection to populate the pad is that you can quickly explore various voicings and patterns used w/in the Perform modes and then feed those back into Scaler.

I have a longer post somewhere, but if interested here is a quick workflow:

  1. Select a scale from Scales, Songs or Artist
  2. Select a Perform mode
  3. Turn on Midi Capture
  4. Hit Play
  5. When complete, stop midi capture
  6. Now drag the midi capture outside the Scaler UI and then back onto Scaler and drop.
  7. This will trigger a midi detect and you will have a bunch of chords in Section A
  8. Select all and send to new pattern with a right click
  9. This will create multiple patterns with all the detected chords.
  10. Lasso all the left hand side pattern buttons to bind across your keyboard and now you have up to 56 keys mapped to chords.

The selection of the initial scale and perform mode will dictate the content of the Chords . Some will be duplicates or subtle voicing variations but some will be much more unexpected and interesting. Play with voice grouping and humanize settings to stumble onto all kinds of other interesting combinations.


This is pretty amazing.
I spent a while today with Scaler and found some great workflows.

This seems more advanced though and I am not sure I follow it.

Have you made a video about this?
I would be interested in the other post you mentioned.
Thank you!

The paths through Scaler are endless, you can find something new to play with every day.

Here is a longer version of that pad populate workflow. Sorry, no video.
Probably not real useful for more than exploring, but you never know. Using MIDI detect to populate the Pad view with the chords of a Performance

While on the topic of populating the pad view, here is a handy workflow if you use the Circle of 5ths UI.

have fun