Seperate MIDI Channel for bind keys

Can we have the ability to assign a seperate MIDI channel to bind keys please? This would be useful in many ways, not least when feeding Scaler with a different MIDI generator (eg ReMIDI2) that might occasionally trigger a chord instead just getting scale-mapped. It would also remove the need for bind-range register gymnastics to keep out of performance territory and really help people with smaller-range (<61, Davide’s “sweet spot”) keyboards when lots of patterns are assigned taking up too much ‘playable’ range with bind keys.


Thanks for the suggestion. Just making sure you are aware that you can move the bind key area anywhere you want?

Thanks Davide, Yes, I know about this (“gymnastics” in posting) and use it all the time. :slight_smile: I think my points still hold though!

Yep fair enough, suggestion is noted. Just wanted to make sure you are aware of being able to move. All good.