Set midi control to cycle through performances

Hi is it possible to assign a midi rotary encoder to cycle through the scaler “presets” or is this a feature request? Best Erik

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Glad you asked for it too @erikma ! Let’s build some momentum behind this idea :slight_smile:

I guess once it’s in focus that should be possible, we are assigning buttons to < and > so you can do it that way but yeah - rotary encoder makes sense. I’ll discuss with team.

Rotary control would be very good for this, but specific selection via CCs also makes sense to me for some things. A flexible combination of both possibilities would be ideal I think.

As a possible example, the 8 Performance types

Scaler - 8 Perf Types 01

might nicely be chosen from 8 controller pads (typically a single row or column).

Putting the next level down on rotary might then be very nice, but, if the user only has controller pads available it would be unfortunate if they were not able to make assignments on their pad controller to get the desired results.

Excellent ideas and as icing on the cake also a “random” button which chooses from all te available options. Also assignable 0,5 1 or 2 times the speed of a variation or is this already possible?
Best Erik

In this scenario it would be nice to cycle through presets with a rotary encoder and to be able to assign a preset you like to a midi cc without leaving the list that the rotary controls.
Best Erik

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Hi davide is it already possible in version 2.4 to assign <>? Best Erik

Hi @erikma

It will be possible in version 2.4.1.



Excellent news Ed! is there already a release date for 2.4.1? best Erik