SHARE:A little bit of my experience

I have NEXUS, there are some SQs in it, but some cannot fully control the major or minor keys. I was worried about this before. . For example, the SCALER in E major is Emaj, F#min, G#min, Amaj, Bmaj, C#min, D#dim. Many of them are not found in NEXUS. But when I use Emaj, Gmaj, Amaj, Cmaj, Dmaj, NEXUS, it is good, and it sounds good and not tacky. Therefore, I think it cannot be limited to the traditional Emaj scaler. The various chords that should be used to inspire inspiration. Share experience, welcome to share my experience

At the same time, I was thinking about a question. When I input a few chords, is there a list of Scaler modes that I can choose quickly?

I think what you are suggesting can be done in the Circle of Fifths. I compose straight from there often using chords like the ones you suggested. Also right click those chords for other harmonic variations.