Share your experience: unbalanced chords are more suitable for dance music

I used to open dynamic before exporting chords in scaler
The reason is to make the chords more balanced and balanced.

But I made a arpeggio of dance music today. I found it too balanced to listen to.

I found that this is uneven, and the sound ups and downs are better.
Maybe unbalanced chords are more suitable for dance music?

What’s your opinion?

Music is like a language. You can put the words together in an almost countless number of ways. Not every way works for everything or everyone. If I’m working on music for a movie I usually like my chord progression to have one chord lead easily to the next with not big shifts in semitones. But if I was scoring an action scene I might want several big jumps in octave to make it exciting. See what works. Dance music needs to be exciting.
It sounds like you are just discovering all music has to offer so I would say don’t think that every progression will work in every type of song. And don’t think that you have to limit yourself to the rules because you never know what might happen if you mix things up a bit. Life is to have fun and music can be fun. But if it sounds good, maybe that’s the way to go for that song.
Just my opinion of course.

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happy! Try!
thank you! These suggestions are very important to me!