Sharing a track made with Scaler for Video Game

Hi all,
Just wanted to share this track we made for Punishing : Gray Raven 2nd Anniversary - a popular video game from Kuro Game. I’m proud of this track and the fact that myself and Tristan from the creative team here at Scaler co-composed and also how much of an important role Scaler 2 played in creating the harmonic content. It’s projects like these that help remind us what is important in Scaler and how it can improve. Hope you enjoy!


Well done! Nice song! Japanese gaming company?

Thanks @jamieh
Kuro Game, Chinese company: Punishing: Gray Raven

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Superb production @davide… Love it mate!..

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I hope you dont mind @davide?.. Here are a couple of tracks i have done for Record Labels… All done with Scaler… I don’t use anything else… Only Scaler…

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Cool Davide, might make a decent video about “scaler construction” to finished track?

I hope you don’t get angry Davide, if I say that I prefer way more the soundtrack of this game The Artful Escape

I dislike oriental comics, so no Chinese/Japanese character may entice me

Nice, like the Disco House vibes. have spent much of my life there! I made a sample CD with Carl Cox (My Life in Music) which we recreated many of the sounds in his early disco / rare groove collection, may be worth a look!

I am thinking about this, I think it would be quite popular! Only thing is I even though I am within my rights to you never want to annoy a client and there’s a certain ‘expectation’ to be a ‘ghost’!

Ha! I’ve been writing music my whole life Claudio - you can imagine how many times people have told me they don’t like my music!!! Artful was an amazing project and the guitarists were next level - you would have loved the sessions. Credit to Josh Abrahams and Eden Altman for those stupidly good guitar pl


Very nice Davide., You are the Master.

Very Cool. I really enjoyed that.

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Great production
awewome lead vocalist

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Your track sounds fantastic. Collaborative projects like these truly showcase the strengths of tools like Scaler.
It’s great to see the practical application of Scaler in a real-world project, especially one as significant as a video game anniversary.
By the way, have you ever considered exploring bingo games online for inspiration? They often have unique soundscapes that could bring some interesting elements to your compositions. Just a suggestion!

I found the actual music to that game, also very interesting…

The Banks of the River Are Lined with Gold (

I saw Josh in the credits, isn’t he also somehow involved in the Scaler project/community?
Josh Abrahams - Wikipedia

Yes Josh has worked here at samplify for many years and is a long term collaborator of mine. Great guy, amazing music person.

Wow, that’s awesome! Congrats on creating such a fantastic track for Punishing : Gray Raven 2nd Anniversary! It’s incredible to hear about your collaboration with Tristan and how Scaler 2 played a crucial role in crafting the harmonic content. Your passion and dedication really shine through in the music. Thanks for sharing, and keep up the amazing work!

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