Sharing iPadOS Scaler States with MacOS

It might be old news but I was at the car wash today with my iPad, AUM and Scaler exploring the new 2.7 multi out feature.

Discovered when I got home I could export the iPad Scaler State and import it directly into a Scaler instance in Logic Pro on my Intel iMac. Added a Falcon 2 Multi preset I had already created and picked up where I left off at the car wash.



Ha good job! That’s a feel good story right there and the way I use it too!

Davide a difference I have noticed with Scaler on iPadOS/AUM and macOS is pattern switching

Within AUM with all patterns selected Scaler sequentially played through all patterns. The same does not happen on MacOS and Logic when I have all patterns selected.

I need a different process that I am not aware of?


So I’ve subsequently noticed the iPad and Mac desktop behaviour is the same if Scaler is loaded as an Instrument. Multiple patterns then play sequentially. When Scaler is loaded as a MIDI FX (ScalerControl) then that does not happen.

You can ignore my question … thanks

Hi, so when i understand it correctly. When you make a scaler project on ipad with multiple patterns and open the scaler project in logic pro midi fx, all patterns do not play in scalercontrol midi x, meaning that only one pattern plays?

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Logic Midi FX in iPad works differently than MacOS Logic so there will be adjustments made whilst cross platform and app compatibility use becomes clearer. For now it’s usable but it’s just working out best practices when these quirks appear.

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