Sharing projects with FL Studio 20/Scaler 2 users

I am using Scaler 2 on FL Studio 20 and I want to share my project with a friend that has both of these programs. Is there a way i can share it where he will be able to open and edit it just like i would if i opened the project?

Should work, as long as your friend also has Scaler 2 (ideally same version) installed.

Ok ive seen the export option but what do i export it as?

Wouldn’t you just save an FL session and send him that? Then he would just open it as a normal FL session.

doh…i havent even tried that i was just positive i had to export it as a certain file or something.

what is the option to “create a direct wave instrument” for? obviously to create a direct wave instrument but what is that?

Direct Wave Instrument is Fruity Loops Sampler instrument.
More here.


Yes, you should be able to just save it as a regular .flp project file and then share that.

I attached a demo project, just with a simple instance of Scaler 2, should look like that…

I had to name it .mid since the forum here doesn’t allow .zip or other file formats. Just rename the .mid file back to .flp, like so…


I only played with this once and haven’t used it much since. But now, coming to think about this again in Scaler context… you could keybind sections A/B or C in Scaler to chord progressions, and then have the chords (or even performances) be mapped to keys in the DirectWave instrument. So if you want to share melodies/chords/sounds with project collaborators who don’t have Scaler, you could just share the .FLP project with the DirectWave instrument (or perhaps just the .DWP file?)
image. But before you actually share this with others, check with the Scaler team if that is within the licensing terms. I don’t want you to lead you into legally shady territory…