Shortcut to cycle embellishments/extensions/options for selected chord(s)

I really wish there was a simple way to cycle between possible variations for the selected chords in section A detected chords, songs, chord sets and in section C patterns.
For example if a Cm chord is selected the shortcut would add the required note(s) to make it a Cm7, Cm9, Cm11, Cm13, back to Cm, without replacing a custom voicing with the most simple voicing.

Likewise, a similar action to cycle between chord options sus2, sus4,sus2sus4, add9, add11, add13(6th), no3, no5 b5, #5 etc. based on what’s available for the selected chord would be super helpful too.

With HookTheory the “e” key cycles through chord extensions, and “i” cycles through inversions. This is much easier than digging through sub-menus or manually editing chords for a basic task.