Side b to create contrast

first of all sory for my bad english so I have been producing and studying for years now and I realized I was making a big mistake when I produce I start looking for something exciting and I try to make what I found more and more exciting but this path does not lead to great results so I realized that to make something even more exciting you have to create a part that is a bit the opposite such as when you want to make something feel big you have to make something small feel first to create contrast and art is contrast.

I have seen that you have asked various musicians about how they play a chord progression using different modes it would be really useful if the various players would give their vision of a b-side that creates contrast but is related it would be something that no vst currently has.

If you can use scaler like this please show me how.

Thanks for your amazing job.

Hmmm, I think this conversation belongs more in “General Discussion” than “Feature Requests”. Scaler can help in making both Exiting and Boring progressions :wink: - it’s more of a personal choice than functionality.
My take on the subject is: verse should be less exciting than a chorus. I’m not saying ‘boring’ but just less intense, less stimulating. There is a lot of songs out there lately where everything is a chorus and, frankly speaking, I get easly tired of those as, in a way, all this exitement is flat; there is no cathartic moment that woud give me goose bumps :slight_smile:

Yes i absolutely agree with you where everything is a chorus it is very boring to listen.
My idea is to have a tool that for example is next to performances adagio accento which in this case is our most exciting part, the tool goes to creates side b which naturally goes into side a and it would be really useful to have different ways according to different musicians to create our section b which creates contrast and highlights our section a.

What do you think about it?

Ha ha, I finally got it - I guess I’m not the brightest one in this herd :rofl:
Having a pattern variation that is geared specifically toward less exiting parts of a song, would be useful to a lot of people. Scaler has those rythm sub-patterns (that are great!) to avoid repetitiveness but, yes, those are variations for one arrangement block. When going to another block, one needs to change a pattern or create own rythm pattern.
Having said that, would I (personally) want such functionality? No :grin:. I love Scaler precisely because it doesn’t do everything for me :wink:

I have always believed the other way, LOL
well, just these days I was thinking I have to study parts deeper, because so far I always used the single-chord/single pattern ballad workflow

Do you mean one chord per pattern? Not one chord for the whole ballad surely.

Well… If you can stand (slightly enjoying) hosts, check this video :wink:

here it is and it was a bomb

but there are others

Especially when they say the Creedence song is boring :japanese_goblin: