Slower strumming options, for harp, etc

Suggest: Add even slower strum speeds, for harp. etc.

I use the strum performance options for harp, both general playing as well as glissandos. However, even the current ‘slower’ speed is too fast for harp. Could you please add one or more even slower speeds, or better yet, add some sort of more flexible ‘variable’ control for strum speeds. Also, related, maybe add a feature to adjust the amount of humanization.

Thank you for your kind consideration, and for your continued development/enhancement of Scaler - a wonderful product!


Hi @Ahainsworth300 and welcome to the forum.

This is a great idea and I will forward this suggestion on to the rest of the team.
Thanks for sharing.


I’d second that. I’d love to see strums that were noted based and adjust to tempo.

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What does this mean “Noted Based”? All strums are synced to the beat so what to you mean by tempo based exactly?

What I mean is I’d like to be able to set specific note resolutions for how fast the strums happen. i.e. 16th notes, 32nd or 64th notes, etc… 8th notes are probably too slow but maybe those as well? And then they adjust to your DAWs tempo.
I didn’t think the stums in Scaler adjusted to tempo of the project. But maybe I’m mistaken? It’s been a while since I’ve tried them out and now I’d just use other tools for that functionality.

What you are describing sounds like ostinato or arpeggios more than a strum. Meaning if you are hearing single 16th notes of the chord that is not a strum, at least the way I play guitar. I usually use Rapid Composer for guitar parts like that as it’s more versatile. I’m all for slower strums though. Depending on your DAW another way is to play the strums that work that Scaler has, export to MIDI and use the DAW to change the tempo of the MIDI. That works on some strums for a different feel.

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