Smooth Chord Progressions

I am still trying to figure out smooth chord progressions in Scaler, but given enough work I believe I figure it out. Does anyone have any advice for smooth transitions?

What do you mean with “smooth”?

Voice leading. When playing a chord progression, care can be taken to minimize leaps of individual voices within the chord.

I’m a Scaler noob, and was curious about this too. In some examples, we’ve heard chords in fixed inversions, just jumping around with no regard to voice leading. I expect Scaler has a function to smooth out voice leading (i.e., perhaps by choosing a keyboard range and forcing the chord voices to remain within that range using inversions).

This video talks about that in part. Voice leading is important to the way I like to do music.

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Thanks everyone. I want to have a flow or timing that allows for quick playing. Being Scaler is so sophisticated that I am sure being new to it I do not have a complete understanding of the program. I will check out the video, and I hope I can grasp all the concepts. Thanks again.