So... That's a scale. What did you find?

I’m fairly new to piano, every now and then I try to find new scales to master for fun. My newest favorite I found that has a name thanks to Scaler telling me…

A# Super Locrian Diminished bb3.

I like without the bb3 as well, because the pattern flows better you play more and think less, but in a way I like the challenge this brings.

Anyone else try patterns and try to find names for them as well? Any favorites?

They have voiced this as 1,b2,bb3,b4,b5,b6,bb7 .I tend to think in terms of the ‘parent’ (bad choice of word) scale, which in this case is the Neapolitan Minor, this being the 7th mode. I guess guitarists think in more terms of modes and pianists in scales.

Whereas guitarists have fingering problems in that the same pitch is generated in multiple places on the fretboard, poor pianists (unlike guitarists) have to change their fingering when they transpose - a bit too complicated for me. Knowing D Phrygian is the same fingering as bB Ionian makes it easier.

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