[SOLVED] Quickly switching between A B and C binds while playing keyboard


The idea is to maintain a same attack and volume when trying out chords from various sections of the main screen. Fr example, I can start playing chords from the keyboard in the C section and would like to immediately try a few chords in the B section while keeping the same velocity and mood from the keyboard. If instead I continue using the mouse, the chords will sound quite loud with a sharp attack which is in stark contrast with what was played using the keyboard and is distracting.

Would it be possible to add a feature which for instance would make the computer keyboard keys A B and C toggles to the binding of each section ? And/or, could the toggle on the binding be offered as a mappable hardware control so it could be assigned for instance to pads commonly found on musical keyboards ?


EDIT : I do not use any of the internal Scaler2 instruments. I use a piano sound from Diva instead. Maybe that makes a difference in the attack and volume between musical keyboard and mouse clicking as I heard Tristan in a demo switching between the two using the internal Felt piano sound without much difference. In my case using the external synth there’s a large difference.

You can already switch between Binding of Section A B and C.
By default it’s set to —
Shift + A ----- Section A
Shift + B ----- Section B
Shift + C ----- Section C
Right Click on the Bind Button gets you a Menu. You can choose to edit there. You CANNOT assign a MIDI Note to switch but you CAN assign a CC# if you like. The defaults of Shift + A B or C work just fine.
Give it a try.
Screen Shot 2023-07-03 at 8.20.19 AM

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Thanks, it work. Meanwhile I also found the option ‘Scaler UI Velocity’ which sets the default velocity wen using the mouse. At value 61 it makes a much more comfortable experience when hitting a chord with the mouse after playing some keyboard.

I do not see any menu when right-clicking on the bind buttons, though. Being able to use the bind buttons via MIDI CC would also be useful and more precise than spotting shift-character on the computer keyboard.

On the gear on the upper right of Scaler GUI click on the gear to open Preferences/Settings.
Click on Session and you can edit the Commands there.
I am on Mac so maybe Right click is different on Windows.

Thanks, I have now mapped A B and C to pads on the keyboard which makes it easy to switch between sets of chords while playing.


Works great too for switching between patterns in Pad mode. Settings → Add Command Mapping → Navigate to Pattern x → Choose a CC number.