Solved: Scaler 2.1.1 still crashing Reaper

When using 2 different screens on different resolution in Win10, it may cause problems in programs using floating windows. Reaper is in this category. I was using a Dell U2311 at 1920x1080 and an old HP f1713 at 1280x 1024.

Solution: switch on Multimonitor v2 HiDPI awareness mode in Reaper. No more crashes since :slight_smile:

Posted text below about version 2.1 (no response…) but also version 2.1.1 is not stable in both vst2 and vst3 version. I keeps on crashing Reaper…

“Nice new features, however on my system Scaler is far from stabile. It crashes all the time. Just load an instance in Reaper and wait a few minutes and …gone…even without playing
Using Scaler 2.1 vst2, Reaper X64 v6.13 - windows 10, Focusrite Clarret 4, ASIO, 96.000, 256, i7 8700K, 32gb mem. Edit: Vsti3 version seems okay”

Thanks for letting us know,