Some reasons for Ableton Live crashes

I found some things that crash it
I hope my tips can be useful

1 - 32 bit plugins, possibly used with iBridge, and/or non-standard plugins
2 - Instant instrument swapping
3 - Closing the project with the X, and/or closing it too fast

The first thing is easier to fix: you only need using modern and reliable plugins

The second requires a change of habit, but as far as you get it, there are no more fatal crashes (so far :cold_face:)

In practice, let’s say you start with a routing like the one below

And then you realize another guitar is better

In Bitwig Pro I clicked the button showed by the red arrow to change the instrument on the fly, but if I do that in (my) Ableton Live 11 (and my previous releases, very likely) the DAW crashes

So now I don’t use that button anymore: I stop the song, then I D&D the new instrument over the old one

I suspect that the 3rd issue (and possibly the 2nd one) is due to the fact Ableton Live doesn’t like to be closed while it is doing something (like dumping a project in Temp folder maybe, or something similar);

So now I save the latest changes made, then I click on File > Exit

That’s all for now

P.S: I asked Ableton support if my analysis makes sense, and I’ll report here their reply