Some suggestions to make scaler 2 really stand out

Dear scaler 2 design team,

I think that the v2.9 upgrade is really cool. A couple of really important things definitely should be added in the near future:

  1. In addition to the present variations, we need…tritone substitutions!!! This is so important for jazz compositions, hip-hop and modern chord compositions.

  2. What is also desperately needed is a tool in scaler to determine which scale harmonizes with any chord! A nice present tool are the modal stuff. But when you select chords from the modal menu, you get some chords that are out of the scale. Would be nice to have a tool here that gives you a list of possible scales. So that when you play the lead and you come to this chord, via, midi mapping one can assign this scale to the chord. Midi mapping is a great feauture presently in scaler. I use it a lot :slight_smile: But I now need to dig into my theory to figure out which scale harmonizes with this out of scale chord after applying the modal substitution chord selection.

Very respectfully,

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Hi @future

This would be good. I have uploaded some tritone substitution chord sets here

I hope this helps

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Awesome, thank ya, I am going to try them out!