Soundpaint 2020 Modern PR: use it with morphing, and you'll see the marvel ;-)

Well, differently from woodwinds that was a lot of fun immediately, the guitar that I bought to have a sort-of Les Paul was not enticing until today…

Nevertheless, leave alone the sort-of, free up your creativity with their morphing feature, and you’ll see (or better listen) what kind of marvels may jump out! :heart_eyes:

This plugin is revolutionary, really :boom: bastic!

Tonight I’ll post a tutorial

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As I said above, maybe I found a way to produce guitar solos with Soundpaint 2020 Modern PR, but it is hard, very hard, because I must learn to use both hands on the keyboard, and in a certain way

I got how (partially) looking directly at Troels hands: while his speech in the video is totally useless for me, looking at how he moves the hands let me understand a lot of things

Within this weekend I’ll post a tutorial