Soundpaint hanging note indefinitely


I have a chronic issue with Soundpaint brasses
quite often I have notes hanging indefinitely (all brasses and flutes), and the only fix is running the pattern again

Sounpaint devs said that it was a bug of the beta version, but I have the same issue with the new 2.5 version, so I am very tempted to uninstall all instruments and no more buy any

Clearly, the fact I cannot resell the licences makes me less than happy :japanese_goblin:

Just a bad luck. I use only their sax and guitar and no trouble. However, I find Native Instruments plugins much better, especially guitars. Sound, manipulations, no hanging notes, everything is better. I quit Soundpaint after I bought their guitar. Sax is fair but nothing more than that.

Or a cybersorcery :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:

Well, not a big problem: GSi trumpets and trombones cover most of my needs
and a trio of saxes in AAS Analog Orchestra complete my funk ensemble
tonight I’ll explain how with a mini-tutorial

In the future, who knows?
Maybe that the situation improves