Specific 'Chord Substitution' Modes (with Dice roll feature)


I was wondering about the possibility of Scaler2 being given specific chord substitution modes (essentially limiting what substitutions are offered when in that mode).

For example, say I have a progression in the key of C and I click on the Em, in ‘Chord Family Mode’* Scaler2 would only offer up variations of G Major and C Major as substitutions (i.e. chords that share 2 notes from the triad).

Perhaps it could even have a ‘dice-roll’ style feature, in which, once you’ve entered your progression, Scaler2 chooses a few substitutions for you (randomised, but perhaps weighted in ways that are most likely to lead to the best outcome - eg I guess the first chord would be kept as-is).

*I’m not great with theory (hence why I love Scaler2) so apologies if my terminology is incorrect or if this suggestion turns out to be unecessary.

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More thoughts on chord substitutions, expanding on @EricJames’ request above.

Scaler 2.7 includes some basic chord substitution by right-clcking on a chord and selecting Common Tones or Modal Interchange from the context menu.

However, in some cases I believe that the options for substitutions may be incomplete. For example when searching for a substitutioin for the D min, Bb is not included in the list of suggested substitutions. Clicking on the SUGGEST button opens a list thet does include A# maj (aka Bb maj). But neither list includes B dim: although this can be selected from the scale tones.

So to find a substitute chord the user has to try several differnent processes, which could adversely impact the creative workflow.

May I suggest that in Scaler 3, if not sooner (2.8?) the list of chords that are avaliable when the SUGGEST button is clicked should include the chords suggested in the context menu (above), and any chord that shares two notes with the original chord (e.g. chord with #5). In my example this would include Bb dim for D min. Then the user is trying chords from a single source and not having to switch around.

Finally the dice roll (i.e. randomise) feature suggested by @EricJames may be an interesting addition, which could result in some creative suace: although I fear it may also result in a lot of time wasting trying to find a harmonic progression that works. I have this feature on three plugins and although it works sometime, it also produces a lot of rubbish.