Spectrasonics have launched an impressive new nylon guitar for axe lovers

Worth a listen, at Nylon Sky - Overview | Sonic Extensions

More expensive than the NI version at USD 149, but 320+ sounds. There are some interesting aspects to their modelling.

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Along this launch, Omnisphere has also gained a huge update in the Arp, with now has good strumming. Together with Groovecontrol really nice.

If you have MegaMagic Guitars (Omnisphere and Unify) from PluginGuru, you are also in for a treat!

I don’t have Omnisphere!
But by watching the video introduction, I think Omnisphere ARP is very powerful!

It’s not cheap, but it’s a really powerful ‘general’ synth - 8 LFO’s, 12 envelopes, 34 filter types, 4 layers per patch, 500 DSP wavetables, etc.

It also now has 14,000 patches :astonished: . However, its focus is on analogue recreations and cinematic patches (check the user list…) They have added some EDM stuff at the last pass.
It is actually potentially more expensive in that there is a separate product (Trillian) for bass sounds, and a product called Keyscape for high class pianos, so if you go for all them them, it’s a bit of a pocket burner.

With 14k patches you won’t feel limited at all with regards to sounds. Omnisphere is extremly inspiring.


what 14k patches?

That’s how many patches Omnisphere has available.

Plus a huge selection of third party preset developers like The Unfinished, Triple Spiral Audio and many more.