Split chord 9 mode

HI is there a mode where a chord can be displayed with the 1 and 5 in the left hand and the rest in the right. Hopefully in 9ths?

Not sure I am understanding for what reason? Did you have something in mind?

Yes just some more variants to apply to chords to make them sound different.

You have all the chord voicing (Inversions) plus you can change the order of the notes yourself in edit mode.
Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 12.39.56 PM

ok let me check for the one Im looking for thanks. I think what is happening though is if I create a voicing I cannot properly extract it and apply it to other chords.

Right click on a chord and choose “Extract Voicing”
Then Right Click on the second chord and choose “Apply Voicing”
Screen Shot 2021-07-26 at 11.46.38 PM
Screen Shot 2021-07-26 at 11.46.59 PM