Staccato or no staccato


I am using the trial version to try it out. First, I am not using a midi keyboard right now, just the program itself. I have a nice progression that sounds great with the felt piano sound which is nice and smooth but when I captured the midi and dragged it to my timeline to change instruments with my library outside of Scaler 2 I noticed 2 things. One is that the midi was actually recorded as staccato which I don’t see any option to smooth that out in Scaler 2. The other issue is that it added some high notes that do not even show up in the midi editor so I can’t even delete them. This happens in both Cubase 8 and Ableton 10 so it’s not my DAW.

Are there bugs in the trial version?

Is there an option I am missing to choose either smooth notes or staccato? If not that sure would be an important feature, no?

Welcome to Scaler! You need to explain exactly what it is you are doing. Are you using the Performance/Phrases for the MIDI you are dragging to the DAW? Are you capturing the MIDI in the Patterns area? Not sure what you mean with the high MIDI note. There are High notes in the MIDI file that you can’t see? Are you using the latest version of Scaler v 2.2? What is your system and OS?

It’s actually the trial version as I don’t want to purchase something if it takes more time to correct glitches than it does to just play the parts myself. I can’t seem to find which version this is.

Anyway the main issue right now is that when I convert my progression to midi and drag it into the timeline there are extra notes added to the midi file as if you are hitting the key twice but the midi notes in edit do not reflect 2 notes, just one continuous. This is in arpeggio mode. Do you know what I mean? In other words compared to the original arpeggio in Scaler 2 it is not recording the same exact arpeggio when capturing.

I am on Windows 10 and using either Cubase 8 or Ableton Live 10 so it is not the DAW. It is doing the same thing in both.


I figured out why this is happening. I had to shut off the arpeggio mode in Scaler after the midi file was recorded and dragged into the DAW then plated from there. But I still have to go and extend the midi notes that I want to ring as opposed to being staccato.

So we’re you using the midi file to trigger Scaler or another instrument? If it’s Scaler then, as you found, the arp will trigger unwanted notes by triggering the Arp again. Arps are usually short notes but if you have it set for 1/8 notes they will be shorter then if you have it set for 1/2 notes.

To see the version number just click on the Scaler Logo on the upper left.