Stand-alone version of Scaler's arpeggiator as a midi effect

Hi all-

I really love the arpeggiator/performance functions in Scaler, but I find that I’m more focused on coming up with interesting chord progressions when I’m using it and less ready to use the arpeggiator functions creatively. In my personal workflow, once I lock down the chord progression I immediately capture and drag it into Ableton and then use other instruments to continue moving forward.

I would love to be able to use the arpeggiator at this point in my creative process to modify the chord progression in countless ways after it’s composed and I’m developing ideas.

I’m just curious to know if it would be possible to use the already existing functionality and simply create a midi-instance that would come up in Ableton or Logic as a midi effect that would process midi that’s fed into it. If so, I’d be very happy and would use it regularly.

Thanks so much!

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I may have mistaken what you want to do, but you can use a Scaler instance as an arpeggiator. To demonstrate, I set up a very simple system which has an instance of Scaler to provide a chord MIDI sequence. (This would come from the relevant track in your SAW). The output MIDI can be sent to another instance of Scaler which has no progression in it, but the arpeggiator enabled with whatever sequence you want. The output of that Scaler is sent to the synth that is going to render the sound.

It’s easier to show this graphically in a Cantabile host rather than in Live, so here it is


The driving Scaler looks like so

and the arp instance so


@panda, thanks so much for explaining how to try this out! I’ll give it a shot in Ableton. It’ll eat up a few tracks, but hopefully the results will be worth it. I love the arp functionality in Scaler, so hopefully this works and I can add it to my template for faster implementation.