Standalone Scaler and Komplete Kontrol

If you missed it, you can use Scaler in standalone mode with Komplete Kontrol in standalone with Patchwork.
I loaded the VSTs in parallel and routed Scalers Midi out to port A and Kontrols Midi in to port A.

This allows the features of Scaler inside KK standalone with KK’s previews.

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I’ve looked into Blue Cat’s Patchwork, but it costs $99. At that point it’s hardly “'standalone” (would defeat the purpose of needing not extra software to use Scaler).

What I have recently found to work well with just playing around (DAWless) with Scaler, is Unify. Which of course also costs extra ($79). But Unify works well for me using Scaler in Maschine (which does not support MIDI routing out from MIDI plugins).

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Skippy makes great software… I have not really understood the differences in the two products.
Does UNIFY give you other advantages?
I’m sold if you can set up presets and start sessions in seconds as in Patchwork.

I haven’t actively used Patchwork, only know it from watching video presentations. And I might still consider getting it also, because I have GAS and my entire musical approach is based on complex MIDI ensembles. I finally got UNIFY, partially because of the great community and the early stage product open for community involvement. I also like about UNIFY the cross-plugin integration + preset management. The preset mgmt reminds me of what NKS established, but allowing you to put multiple VSTs into the same ensemble without having a whole DAW project/template to save, plus the MIDI effect integration. I actually did discover UNIFY from Shane Dunne’s mentioning in the Scaler forum recently. I am more on the performing/experimenting than production side, so having a tool that helps focus on performance versus piano rolls makes sense for me. And one of the key features with the Unify ensembles is the easy way to turn off unused VSTs, I have found Unify to be quite CPU friendly actually, and I am a heavy U-he synth user! Having said this, I also recently discovered Bitwig and its MIDI routing and effects capabilities are amazing to me as well. As close as one can get to user friendly modular capabilities, IMHO :slight_smile:

Shane Dunne is the programmer. Skippy is a sound designer.

There is a lot more to using Unify and Scaler together… bunches more to explore. :wink:

Yup, I love watching Skippy’s videos/streams. Very engaging and approachable.
I was very (pleasantly) shocked how easily Scaler was integrated into Unify, after all the cumbersome experience of how other DAWs handle MIDI fx as an afterthought, if at all. Considering creating a .guru library for Scaler.

I was getting referrals to Unify from my colleagues through much of the past year. I checked it out once with the trial download, but got turnoff by the complexity and the amount of synth sounds. But I have some insistent friends who told me to keep trying. Then I saw how they had “unified” the Spitfire Labs collections and the BBSCO as well as many of the Original Series. So I jumped on the horse again. This time, with my music included, things began to click. I am currently in my honeymoon stage with Unify. All play and not much work for now, but I am seeing the potentials. Use with Scaler?? Who would have thought!

This got me thinking. I am anxious to see the first thread which demos Scaler in Unify. I am not there yet, but someone must have wired these two together to create an incredible workflow! Come on guys, show us what can be done. Five occurrences of Scaler in one application of Unify insert on one track in the DAW…

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