Standalone Version?

Just wondering if Scaler has a standalone version or must it be used with a DAW? If it does have a standalone, how do I get to it. I am a licensed user.

John Bowen

Hi @Johnbee63

There is no standalone version at this stage, you have to use Scaler in a DAW.

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I use it in a semi-stand alone mode via Blue cat’s Patchwork.

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You can use the SaviHost to make the Scaler standalone:

That SaviHost is actually really cool, wish it was available for Mac OS!

IN the pipeline guys.


The pipeline should be on Mars by now…

By the time we get this thing out of the pipeline, we’ll be dealing with pandemics so advanced that COVID19 will seem like a mild cold by comparison…

…Heck, we may not even inhabit physical form anymore… we may exist as gaseous forms via evolution, free to intermingle, collaborate, and create music based upon shared ideas…

       ...Will VSTs (or even physical computers) even exist physically, by the time the Standalone is ready for release?

...We all know that this is a fair question.