State wiped when going from iPad->Mac with LogicPro

Hi There,

Been using Scaler on iPad for ages, love it. I didn’t see this reported yet, and I realize things are new with Logic Pro on iPad. Maybe this is expected behaviour, I don’t know because I just purchased Scaler for Mac, and using it on Mac and iPad for the same project is a new experience for me.

I am seeing the State completely wiped when I open an existing project on the Mac.

  1. create a simple Logic project on iPad (or create on Mac, then go to the iPad, open the project, then go back to the Mac)
  2. Added Scaler as a MIDI FX
  3. chose a simple Song, “Common Progression → Triads”
  4. Exit/Save the song on the ipad
  5. After ensuring the sync has happened on iCloud, open the song in Logic Pro Mac

I’d have expected whatever progressions etc I’d setup on the ipad, would still be there when I open the same project on the Mac
Instead, it is completely wiped, as if I did the ‘Clear State’ command. (I didn’t)

This happens whether I start the project on the iPad or the Mac. So even projects where I started on Mac, setup scaler progressions etc on the Mac. Then went to iPad (the state is fine on the iPad) then back to Mac, have the same issue.

I also should note that if I open the same project again back on the iPad, the state is restored correctly, with the progression etc there.

Hi @SongwriterInCa and thanks for sharing this with us.

Unfortunately as we weren’t given any advanced notice or Beta versions of the Logic iOS build there are still teething issues that we are having to work through to get it all working seamlessly.
We weren’t aware of this issue so thank you very much for pointing it out.

We will look into this and hopefully have it sorted soon.

Hey James, absolutely not a problem. I export the state as a workaround so no problem. I know you guys have a few things to work on. Despite the hiccups, Scaler has become even more of an important tool as I go back and forth between Mac and iPad. I love being able to drag and drop midi now. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the awesome app

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