Steps for Setting up Multi Voice Output In Studio One using Kontakt as an example

So if you are anything like me, all of a sudden Multi Out is something interesting. Here are some things I’ve learned in the last couple days using Studio One and Kontakt that might be of interest.

1st, if you don’t know much / anything about stetting up Native Instruments Kontakt, please watch this video FIRST. It is 20 minutes (including audio output setup, but worth it. It is a great foundation if you are at all foggy about Kontakt routing. How to use Kontakt in Studio One (Inc Kontakt 7 and Studio One 6) - YouTube

A few caveats

  • Midi routing has very few consistent naming constructs across vendors. You will have to deal,
  • Midi routing architectures and functions vary across vendors. You will have to deal
  • Even the term “midi routing” varies across vendors. You know what you have to do

Pt 1 - Project Setup

  1. Add Scaler 2.7 instance to Studio One
  2. Enable Multi Voice Out Settings/Preferences/EnableMultiVoiceOut (I would just set it as default)
  3. Turn off the default voice in Scaler
  4. Add instance of Kontakt Player to your project - (you are using v7, right?)
  5. Add 3 instruments to your Kontakt Player

You should now have something that looks like this, where A shows your Scaler & Kontakt instances, B shows the three instruments in Kontakt and C shows the 3 midi channels Kontakt is listening to for the 3 instruments.

Pt 2 - Routing Configuration

Now that we have our instruments in Kontakt, we need direct access to each of them. To do this we need tracks for each. I’m going to set up the 1st instance, then duplicate it and make the needed changes.

1st step is to have the Kontakt instance “'listen” for the midi Scaler is using it as the control data source.

Select Scaler from the drop down at A and leave the midi channel set to 1 for now. You will also see that Kontakt is set to the 1st instrument’s midi channel - 1. S1 calls this Event Input …warned ya.


Now, if we were to play Scaler chords , all the notes from the chords would be sent to the 1st Kontakt instrument. If you can’t hear anything, be sure you are monitoring both tracks A

Now that we have that playing, we will just duplicate that track twice (do not use the Duplicate Track (complete) option as that will add another instance of the Kontakt. Select the appropriate Event Input and our track list should look something like this with each Kontakt Event setting set to the corresponding midi channel in Kontakt. 1,2,3

Now we just have to set Scaler to send the note you are interested in. To do this, just set the Scaler Midi Output to what you want. Remember, Midi 1 is all notes of the chord and each subsequent midi channel is the lowest to the highest note in the chord. Therefore, in a 4 note chord, Midi 2 = lowest note and Midi 5 = highest.

Here is what is looks like when I’m done:

It looks more daunting than it is and if you setup a template in S1, the process is a snap.

Good luck


Nice job, you can change Kontakt preferences to open each instrument in the same or next midi channel, you can merge with or add to the instrument, the latter in both work well with Scaler


Super! watched Davide video and was blown away. Great interview with Plugin Boutique too. :slight_smile:

“…Kontakt 7, right?” Sooo, I’m assuming that it doesn’t work with Kontakt 6. Right?

Of course it work with 6. Should work as far back as 5 really. MIDI routing in Kontakt hasn’t change much.

As @jamieh said. should be just fine. I just said the 7 thing because it is a free update and updates are generally a good thing. Sorry for the confusion.

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