Sticking notes are piling up

First of all, Win 10 64 bit on Intel i5 with 8gb ram, Cakewalk v 2022-06 64 bit, Scaler 2.6.0

New install. Just purchased last night.

While using Scaler, notes are not turning off. It is especially bad when using arpeggios and such with more and more notes piling up until it is just a chaotic mess. It happens within Scaler interface, when recording midi events and pasting into Cakewalk, and when using Scaler to output through internal routing (as a source for other channels)

Searching here in the forum has not really lead me to any solution. Ideas on where to start chasing this down?

Hi @DavidK

What audio settings are you using (samplerate and block size)?

Have you tried with different values to check if it was getting rid of the issue.
This will help us figure out if something is wrong and how to fix it.


After taking a couple days off to let the frustration dissipate, I have it mostly working now. I will leave the remainder as operator error as I get used to it.

When I went to look, there was no place where it specified block size.

What I finally did was finally change the Realtek driver mode to MME (32 bit) instead of one of the WSAPI modes (after many experiments.)

Theoretically, the sampling rate shouldn’t have mattered. It is still running at 44.1Khz. now and working. That said, when you are running real time tasks on a non-real time OS, you never know when race conditions will bite you in the rear.

As it stands now, I was able to feed three tracks of Spitfire Audio and record them off Scaler so I don’t think that there is anything more to do except for me to learn how to use Scaler :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help. It gave me a place to start poking the dragon.