Sticking notes when using binding Scaler 2.8

Only some instruments within Scaler seem to have one or two notes stick. The issue is very repeatable. I checked to make sure my midi notes controlling which chord is played are within the bounds of the user space (Within Ableton’s highlighted area of that editing window).
My work around is to not use binding, but to drag the chords into the Ableton workspace. Then I use a different instrument from my plugins to get the sound I want.
It is as though the midi off message isn’t sent, or not acknowledged on those notes. I may have been using an arpeggio performance on that instrument.
I like the tool, I have been able to create interesting chord progressions.

Hi @Boogieman welcome to the forum. Make sure you have the latest 2.8.1 update installed, seemed to be an issue with stuck notes for some in 2.8.0. Head over to your Plugin Boutique account where you will find 2.8.1

Thank you for the info. When last updating from 2.7 to 2.8, I seem to recall that I only get so many downloads of the plugin. So if that is true, I have to decide if I want to use up my downloads for an uncertain fix. Though, for a bug fix, I would hope this wouldn’t count for a download in that way. Just how does that work?

There’s no limit to download at PIB. You can download all the prior Scaler 2 updates if you wanted to.

Thus far I have not had (Heard) the notes being stuck on with 2.8.1.

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