Strange bug using ableton computer MIDI keyboard

(Sorry I did originally post it on support, it probably makes more sense in the bug report so I repost it here.)

When typing midi note (to trigger chords) from the computer keyboard using ableton keyboard mode, I have a very strange bug.

Randomly, or for exemple at each time I press a note on scaler keyboard (when i want to modify a chord), the keyboard starts to send notes directly to scaler without passing by ableton soft (I can’t see midi being monitored on the ableton track). When it happened, only the first chord is triggered (by C) and the other notes play single notes at +2oct. Very strange.

The situation goes back to normal after a few click around the soft, but it’s really annoying as it kills the workflow and also randomly trigger high pitched note that are very agressive to the ears.

I don’t know if this problem also occur with normal MIDI keyboard, but anyway I think that this plugin should work perfectly with computer keyboard as it’s very usefull to compose without a proper keyboard.

I made a video of the problem here that you can download, making this was time consuming so a hope you’ll take it in consideration :slight_smile:

Here is the link

Let me know if you have any questions !

Hello. Tried it on Ableton 10 and it works fine.
The problem is in raising the range of notes in which the chords work. If you don’t, only notes will sound.

In this range, the computer keyboard will only sound notes. Turn it up an octave to C3

Thank you very much but you didn’t understand the problem. I am NOT playing on C3 range, I am playing on C1, but somehow scaler plays the C3 range notes.

i’m playing on C1’s range, playing the chords that are mapped on C1; and suddenly in start playing C3 range notes even if I did’nt transpose anything and I’m still playing C1 range note. Also live is not monitoring the note anymore, like if the keyboard inputs go staight into scaler. It comes back to normal if I just click on scaler with the mouse, but not everytime.

Some other user has the same problem. I’m advance user and I can promess this is not a wrong manipulation, it is a bug :confused:

Hi @LauryChanty

I guess it could be that sometimes your computer keyboard goes to Ableton which has its own virtual keyboard driving Scaler. If you click on the Scaler keyboard, the focus is given to Scaler which receive your keyboard strokes directly and plays at a different range.

If you click on the Ableton UI it should give the keyboard focus back to Live, which probably explains why it seems to work again after some time.

Possible, but that does not explain why it generally happened when i click on the virtual scale keyboard only, and also why only C1 keeps on working (only the first chord mapped on C1 works, and from D1 it plays the C3 ranges notes (so in this case D3). Also it doesnt come back to normal when i click and focus on ableton, but when i clic on scaler GUI …

During this all problem, only scaler is on focus, never live.