Strange wind noise every 30 seconds in scaler ??

Good morning,
I installed Scaler 2 version 2.8 today but I get a strange background noise, like wind every 30 seconds, whenever I use Scaler 2.
I tried Scaler 2 with Studio One 6 and Cubase 12.
I have the same problem with both DAWs.
As soon as I drag Scaler 2 onto an instrument track, there is a wind sound (white noise??) that sounds like wind blowing through the trees every 30 seconds.
As soon as I remove the instrument track and Scaler 2 there is no more wind noise.
Please note that I am using the Trial version of Scaler 2.
Can you tell me what it comes from??
It’s off to a bad start, and I refuse to buy software that makes such wind noise!!
Fortunately I can test it.
I’m disappointed, yet there are good reviews on this plugin…
Thank you in advance for your reply.

You are in trial mode. It does that as long as it’s not registered. You can easily use it without the noise if you use Scaler to trigger an external instrument and mute the internal sounds.
As soon as it’s licensed it will stop the noise.