Strum Feature Not Working?

Is anyone having issues with the strum feature not working in scaler? I have noticed this recently happen, has anyone found a fix? Could there be a setting I’m using preventing this to happen. Normally when I click the strum feature, the sound goes completely out of the plugin, whether in solo mode or connected to another vst. I have tried multiple DAWS and controllers and still I have no luck. I noticed this happen after the update to version 1.8.

Working fine for me, can you give us the steps required to make it happen on your end?

The strumming only seems to work when Bind Midi is selected. Strumming does not work when triggered from DAW midi. Arpeggio works but strum doesn’t.

Yes that’s the intention at this stage, otherwise it would be difficult for scale to guess whether you are playing a chord or a single note and strum incorrectly, we are changing this behaviour for the future to give you the option to strum on non bound material