Studio One 2.6 Windows and Multi voice ouput - cannot make work


I have tried multiple times with Kontakt instruments (in full Kontakt) and VSL Synchron Player instances to use multi out of Scaler with no success. The single out routing (midi Ch 1 only) works fine, but not multi. I have the input midi channels set 2-5, with Scaler as the input source and Scaler switched to multi out and using the same 4 part divisi chords as the demo. Any suggestions. I use Studio One regularly. Thanks in advance!

Hi Robby have you checked my video and zoomed in to see the settings? If not maybe @Tristan or another user can help you.

Good timing…I was just about to post a link to this video. While it has NOTHING to do with Scaler directly, it is a great walk though of setting up Kontakt in Studio One using individual instances and multi out instances.

This was the foundation I needed to understand what was going on in Kontakt. (and other multi-out instruments) The Scaler pieces are dead simple after you have this setup. I’m about to do another post with some more details, but take a look at this 1st if you do not have a solid understanding of the Kontakt Multi out setup. More to come…

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David, thanks so much for your reply! And huge kudos to you and your team for the amazing value of this software and your efforts in detailed demos! Well done!

Yes, actually I made sure to watch the Studio One portion a few times at highest resolution to see your track settings. But I have no doubt that the ultimate issue will be User Error…8>) I will be studying the helpful replies below. Cheers.

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Thanks very much TMacD! I am a subscriber to Creative Sauce, but had not seen this one. I am pretty familiar with multi-timbral instruments in S1, Omisphere, SSD drums, Addictive Drums, etc. I was however using separate instances of Kontakt for my testing, so not exactly applicable. I would love to see anything else you might recommend. Thanks again, appreciate it!

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just posted in general

Thanks again for the help! As expected, it was USER ERROR !! Got it straightened out, MIDI routing issue. Really lame considering how long I’ve been playing in this sandbox. Sorry to bother you!

Again…GREAT SOFTWARE! Keep up the good work.

No bother at all and glad you got it sorted. This is how I learn.

I’ve spent countless hours inside Scaler and S1 and I still get sideways. MIDI is a dark art in my eyes and I’ve never taken the time to really get my head around it. However, this update and MVO has me hooked and digging in deeper than I ever have.

I’m more a musical engineer or maybe audio alchemist than a skilled musician so I’ve always been a fan of feeding Scaler iterations of it’s own midi performance data to create some unexpected and very interesting things. MVO takes this to a new level. Watch for a post in Tutorials on using Scaler to Drive Scaler with MVO. Simple but pretty cool none the less.

As for the “GREAT SOFTWARE” I totally agree but I have nothing to do with the dev team. Just an invested fan with a bad case of irrational emotional attachment I guess. :slight_smile:

:+1: :grin: Appreciate it. I;m subscribed so usually get notifications. YouTube is my friend…