STUDIO ONE 5.3 Chord Follow

First of all, I prefer scale
However, I also found the chord function of studio one
In the latest version 5.3, you can easily convert audio to MIDI
Then change MIDI to chord following
Turn on chord following to control each VST
There are three settings, parallel, narrow and bass
I haven’t figured it out yet
In general, this function is not perfect, but we can see that they are working hard.
This is good for the music production industry.
Of course, after I finally tried, I would continue to use scale because it is more professional
I’m just here to share this news. Welcome to discuss it together

Thanks for sharing, I do love the simplicity of this and it is something we have been playing around with internally… Stay tuned…


Thank you for your reply.
However, I still use scaler. The various types of chords and celebrity chords recommended in scaler have given me a lot of inspiration.
However, from the study one enhanced chord following, I see a trend that makes music production simpler and more humanized.
I think scale may need to launch a new brother plug-in, such as scale ARP
This software can be used with scaler to decompose chords, ARP and so on
Similar to chordposition
I think if this function is added to scale, will scale become too complex or limited.
If you make a brother plug-in, it will be good for everyone to use.
Scaler is already great, cheap and well received. At present, it should be further developed so that chord progression can become a change of music.
As far as I know, Captain head will launch 6 this year. They will change some ideas, such as launching style templates and making songs with one click

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mmm… I see a big hazard here: more trite and less-than-exciting music

Now don’t get angry for my very personal opinion, but using Scaler and other plugins as a Little Help From My Friends, but ALSO using my poor bare hands on, I have more fun that using any arp, or just the robotized Scaler, that can exist now or tomorrow, even if I produce a music that is often inaccurate and not marketable

My 2 cents of trifles
:crazy_face: :rofl:


It is a good thing to let more ordinary people participate in music production and be happy because of music.
Apple mobile phone is a very complex high-tech product, but jobs designed it well. Anyone can easily use the iPhone.
If jobs thought "such a professional product, in order to reflect professionalism, it must be complex enough not to be used by ordinary people. Then the iPhone won’t be so popular all over the world.
You may be a bit conservative, but I think it’s a good thing to simplify complex things.
Make music making easier. Is a very good thing.
Making music quickly won’t affect those professional people.
This reminds me of when the CD came out, people said that the CD was not good, but the vinyl record was better.
When MP3 comes out, people say CD is better
When a digital camera came out, some people said the film was good.
Almost one truth
The times are progressing and the way of life is changing
Let’s face the future together :smiley:


OK, seconded!
I don’t want to appear as a dyno :rofl:

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Hey, I can make just as inaccurate and not marketable music with robotic approaches, such as algorithms and aleatoric arps :upside_down_face:


“tu sei troppo avanti”
I can’t beat you
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I have been thinking about this a lot too, how Scaler could become a suite of complementary plugins, to avoid overloading any one plugin with too many features and make it hard to understand/use.

The scale and chord recognition, design, and management seems like a distinct function from the playback expressions/performance, the ladder scope being the domain for arpeggiators. If I could have the combined functionality of RandArp, BlueArp, and the Scaler expressions/performance options in one intuitive to use plugin, I would buy it.

With modern DAWs the midi routing shouldn’t be a problem between these two distinct plugins. And you would only use what you need.

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We thought about it together. I believe it will happen. Stay tuned :smiley:

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I for one would love to see a tighter integration of Scaler and Studio One.

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If DAWs had standard implementation of chord/tracks maybe it would be easier. I don’t see how one app like Scaler can fill every quirk of every DAW out there. The fact that it works so well in so many is a testament to the cleverness of the Devs. Just my opinion.

@jamieh I hear ya.

In part, my +1 on @dgkenney’s post was props to the S1 crew in general, but I would love to see Scaler act like a midi effect and not require the extra routing steps (I understand S1 does their own thing here).

That being said, I believe Scaler’s we play well with everyone is a key piece of their strategy and they should stay on that path. I use Scaler in 4-5 different environments and I can always count on it behaving well everywhere.

I’ve stress tested parts of it to crazy degrees, and aside from some of the hanging note issues (which are more likely a system constraint) I can always count on this tool.