Suggest Chords when changing the scale

Hello together,
I imagine I saw a YT video once where you could have chords suggested to slide elegantly from one scale to another. Similar to modal interchange but different. So which chords does scaler suggest to continue e.g. from F Dorian with Bb minor. If someone knows such a tutorial and the link to it … that would be very nice :slight_smile:
Best Regards

Hi @Cyclocross Have you seen this tutorial?


Thank you, this looks very good.
But I have a “problem” with the realization in my project. In pattern 1 there are 6 chords - in bind 2 (B) the destination scale and suggested pathway. But when I create a new pattern 2 bind 2 is hidden and I can’t select and insert the chords.

Can you take screen shots so it’s clear what you mean?

Yes, that is certainly better. I hope the screenshots are strong enough.
BUT … after the screenshots and a little “clicking around” between the pages “Main > Edit … Mode” I could not reproduce the behavior. Suddenly the circle of fifths and the scales were also displayed for a new pattern, so that it is possible to copy chords into the pattern.

I think what you are wanting to do is select a bunch of chords (like the chords in the suggested modulation pathway) and add them to a new pattern rather than creating an empty pattern.