Suggest mode with single note

Hi guy’s and thank for making this awesome software, i am currently trying to make a Duduk(Turkish flute) melody in the E phrygian dominant scale but it’s sound horrible in triads so is there a way to use the suggest mode only with single notes instead of triads? I have search all night long before registering on the forum since i found nothing about that on the web.

Probably something very easy for advanced users but i cannot found it in the whole UI!

Regards Peter

Hi @Peter and welcome to the forum. Suggest mode only works with chords but I think you may want to use the KEYS LOCK mode and mute the chords when doing so. This will give you the single note melodic movement you want. Like this:

Hi David and thank for replying but doing so will not let me use the suggest mode right, it would be just like playing.
I know i could probably just use the piano or a synth and in my DAW removing all the extra chords but i thought this was kind of counter productive.

Don’t know if scaler in the future is planning something like this but many instruments sound really bad in triads so adding a single note mode would be a fantastic addition.

When you are using Keys Lock it filters out the wrong notes. If you use chord extensions it will give you just a few suggested notes - I think that should do what you want. Give it a try,

OK David i will test this tonight and maybe i don’t understand correctly since i am new to scaler.

Regards peter