Super-easy way to orchestrate real-time virtual instruments that have different key-ranges

In this test I used one Scaler instance feeding Channel 1 of Garritan World Instruments with an African percussion ensemble

All the other 8 channels are fed by MIDI tracks with a Pitch tool each that is used to send the Scaler notes in the various key-ranges: that’s all!

There is no need to use complex and expensive plugins to do this task, and using more Scaler instances you have the further option to send different patterns to each instrument

For most percussions, one chord is just fine
For e.g. the Kora or the Balafon, more chords (but not too much) is better

The setting for the Pitch tool can be easily found by ear

I find the Garritan tool amazing and very funny for composing ethno percussions, and Scaler is still essential to add variability and automation

Here is the sound of the percussion ensemble + a piano, vaguely in the Fela Kuty style

The Scaler status
Scaler-State.xml (11.7 KB)


Can AAS Strum GS-2 generate MIDI? Then use it on other virtual instruments.

I don’t get the point… :thinking: :grinning:

I am not using AAS Strum GS-2 with Garritan World, but in any case, if you move MIDI notes to instruments that have different key-ranges, you have to edit, so no real-time