Sustain pedal issues

I’m running the demo version of Scaler 2 in Ableton. When I play a chord sequence using the sustain pedal as a piano player would normally use it, several notes of certain chords are cut off. For example if I play an Fm7 chord in root position with sustain pedal held then switch to to Ab triad (with lift of the sustain pedal as one would normally do when switching chords), it cuts off the Ab triad.

Thanks for any help

Hi @blazarus

Welcome to the forum. Can you give more details about your configuration - cpu, RAM, OS version, DAW/Midi host, Midi Controller, and if possible record a short video of this happening - please? This may help identify the issue.

I’ve just tried this in both Reaper (v7.02) and Ableton Live (v11.3) on Windows 10 with an old Oxygen 49 controller and a cheap pedal (Sovvid), and not found this issue. It sounds as if it could be an issue with midi processing through your DAW.

Hmmm I’m seeing this too.
I notice that if i turn off BIND then the very same keys I’m pressing will work normally with sustain Pedal.

Turn on Bind again and releasing the pedal (even while keeping note pressed) will still manage to cutoff the note. If I replace the Chords with a new set, it can work again normally. Very strange. You seeing this @blazarus ?

UPDATE: If I start a new project and use Artist presets etc things work normally again. Maybe its something to do with Detected chords. Will keep digging…

Win10 / ABE 11 / Novation SL61 / i7 / 32GB
(Sustain Pedel works perfectly fine on other VST’s and Unbinded S2)

I’ve done a little more experimenting with this and found that the issue may arise when you play the first bind note with the sustain pedal, then play the second bind note and then release the sustain pedal before pressing it again.

I suspect that the sequence of midi events is the issue.

Precisley Ed. Thats exactly what I’m seeing.
I think I noticed it too on the 4th or 5th BIND Note but only for a short while. Seems ok there now. Maybe wrong about that as I’m not brilliant on the sustain Pedal anyway. >

Might a fix for above be comming?

I’m new to Scaler, and I’m seeing this, too—and I’m not using BIND.

I have Scaler sending MIDI to Keyscape, and as long as I do NOT use the sustain pedal, all is well. But when I use the pedal, various notes are “choked.” I can’t tell if double pedal messages are being sent to Keyscape or what, but it’s happening constantly.

This is not limited to Keyscape. It’s happening no matter which VI I assign to Scaler’s MIDI out.

I’m a very experienced user with hundreds of instruments. I’m also a trained pianist, and I’ve never experienced these pedal issues in ANY other configuration.

If there’s no setting that can correct this, this is a bug.

UPDATE: I’m now using Scaler’s internal sounds, and I’m still getting choked notes. This is frustrating.

Strange as I am not seeing this behaviour, have @MiR and @minor7flat5 tired switching sustain pedal to ‘pass through’ (Settings/Preferences) when using third party VSTs and consume when using Scaler as an instrument? Does that affect anything?

Thanks for the suggestion, but no. Changing this to “Pass-Through” causes the sustain pedal not to work at all.

@Tristan Can you please have a look at this and let’s discuss to see whether there’s an obvious fix there for devs.

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