Switching from Ableton Live to Bitwig

Hi there

I ended going to Bitwig Studio (16 tracks for now)

The main 2 reason are:
the extensive and easy routing capability that lets me use MMO
and the capability to open, use and convert Ableton Live als files

Now I am converting all my Ableton projects, but I found that some are not converted, maybe because they use more than 16 tracks, or due to other issues I still don’t know, but about 90% of my projects are in Bitwig now so I’m very happy :grinning:

NOTE: Exchangins projects among DAWs is a renowned issue and generally a pain in the ass; I’ve read that Bitwig manages FL Studio files as well

Another cool feature of Bitwig Studio is the small footprint: just 150MB skipping their stuff that I don’t need
Ableton instead bombs you with various GB of mandatory stuff that are almost useless to me

Later next week I’ll post some pictures about settings and routings that I use for my workflow and plugins

I know that there are many videos around, but I don’t like them and I think other have my own opinion

The reasons why I don’t like videos:

  1. Too many are a total waste of time, e.g. 20 minutes stuffed with rigmaroles, hum and haw, and special effects to explain 2 little concepts that could have required just one written page
  2. They cannot be indexed, so even if you remember what video contained a part of interest and bookmarked it, but forgot to put a note on the timings, you’ll have to re-look it again YUK
  3. Non English speakers, or slang used, so that the automatic subtitles let you understand nothing
  4. Too fast speaking
  5. etc. etc.

Printing articles in PDFs and indexing them with my Archivarius 3000 instead, lets me find any single word/paragraph/picture in milliseconds

You must check out Tache and Polarity on YouTube. I know you don’t like videos, but you’ll learn so much so quickly.

I cannot learn from Davide videos, the others are out of question
:grin: :rofl:

Well, I am finding a lot of great features in Bitwig :heart_eyes:

for example, the plugins sandboxing is wonderful
with Ableton Live I had crashes quite often, sometimes one nanosecond before saving a nice tune :cold_face:, but now this is no more an issue because just the plugin is closed

And with the Bitwig flagship I was able to import 100% of my Ableton projects
clearly, ins and outs cannot be imported but rebuilding them in Bitwig is easy and can be also improved

very nice piece of software


So does that mean you bought the full version?

Also these 2 MIDI FX are super useful for Scaler as you can easily filter note range and transpose up and down to get in the range of the instruments. No more MIDIPolyshure on a separate track.

Screen Shot 2022-11-23 at 5.54.44 PM


How can I filter note ranges in Logic Pro X Daw? I’ve been trying to figure it out. It would be necessary at least when using Opus sounds.

Yes I have the full version
and thanks for the tips

and another :boom:bastic feature is the option to audit any MIDI fx before putting them in the track :astonished:

it’s unbelievable how much betters Bitwig performs
any MIDI FX I tested so far is way better, for example the randomizator
my old DAW pales in comparison!
This doesn’t mean I dislike it: I started taddling thanks to it, but recently it started to be too limiting


well, my enthusiasm stopped at the moment of recording a beautiful orchestration with BBCSO Discover and all was fine listening it

Then I armed all tracks, armed the master, clicked Record… … ???
no MIDI recorded, no audio recorded, nothing
what the hell???

the rest of the reasoning below

I just record arm tracks I want and record. Same as any other DAW.

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@ClaudioPorcellana Here is an invite for the Bitwig Discord.

There are lots of people on there who would be more than happy to help noobs like yourself.


my problem is while recording a few tracks with Scaler driving BBC SO Discover
I think the issue is that this combo I created is made by hybrid tracks, not regular Instrument tracks

In all other situations I agree that arming the tracks is enough to record MIDI and Audio

So now I have to understand how to convert hybrid in instrument
I’ll check deepr the BBCSO Discover template for Bitwig

The side effect of an extensive routing is that certain things are more complex

OK; I’ll try that
well, I don’t like chat and too little time to dig in
I am more a forum beast

Why would you want a Hybrid track? That makes no sense. BBC is a MIDI instrument like all the other ones. You should be using Group tracks if anything. Why aren’t you using group tracks for BBC? Could you explain like I was a child exactly what you are trying to do here?

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I don’t want a hybrid track: it jumped out by itself :grinning:

I dropped one Scaler and one BBC SO, then I duplicated this combo 4 times, ending to have 5 Scaler for 5 BBC SO

I tried grouping but the Master track cannot see it nevertheless the routing I use
It say each BBCSO track, but not all together

if I use the BBC SO template by Spitfire instead, the whole series of 5 Racks works through a final track called Stereo mixer that is seen by the Master track and included a few effects (Compressore, EQ), but I was unable so far to reproduce that Stereo mixer track in the template I want use

Why don’t just using the BBC SO template by Spitfire?
Because it’s too much complex, and I prefer drivinf few instruments/time

I am sure there is some error in my routing, but I am unable to figure it out

What do you mean the Master can not see it? Can you post a screenshot of this session? Explain to me what you are trying to do with BBC that is different from your other tracks?

it means that the input level of the Master track and all the inputs/outputs of the other tracks are lighting in yellow when playing and recording, but after recording all the tracks are empty

when playing and recording…


BTW, I don’t have problems with my Garritan, because it has its own mixer I suppose
so at the end, the Master track sees it as a single instrument
just an idea

with the BBC SO, to have something recorded I must set one instance as an input for the Master: in this case the Master track records that audio file, at least

But the MIDIs of BBC SO tracks aren’t recorded argh

The Master input is All
the BBC SO inputs are All
the BBC SO outputs are Track > Master

What is triggering the Scalers next to eacj BBC? Are you playing them with MIDI keyboard?

no, it’s Scaler itself in loop

here is the Spitfire template but…
it has Stacks, not Racks