Sync button on main GUI [Already included!]

I think this is kind of a big one using multiple scalers. I’ve been working on some ending credits for a short film and trying different Motifs/Themes across 2 Scalers. It would speed things up tremendously if the Sync wasn’t nested in the preferences area but was on the main panel some where. There is some room on the left side. Anyway - I’m throwing it out there.

[ADDENDUM] As usual Ed has it covered. It’s already in the latest update!

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Yes please, I have been wondering this myself.

Hey @jamieh

We added a Sync shortcut from the Scaler logo menu.

Right-click on the logo then Sync :slight_smile:

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Always hidden gems! Awesome and good solution!
I think I might have seen it in the change notes once and forgot.

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