Sync feature on iOS


I can’t get the sync feature to work in Logic Pro for iPad. Here’s what I do on desktop, and also would like to achieve on the iPad: Scaler as an audio effect to detect chords in audio material, sync the state of this Scaler to another instance used in front a virtual instrument.
When attempting this in Logic Pro for iPad none of the scaler plugins can “see” the others, it just says “0 other instance connected”. Is this feature missing on iOS or am I perhaps doing something wrong?

Hi @Smm, welcome to the forum. Thanks for posting this info, there is indeed an issue right now with Scaler 2 on the iPad regarding syncing. So nothing you are doing wrong. You’re correct that ScalerControl 2 plugin in Logic Pro is not currently seeing other Scaler 2 instances.

This is something that will be addressed in the next Scaler update. For the moment a temporary work around may be to export the state of one Scaler instance and import it into another. But keep an eye on the forum for announcements regarding Scaler updates.

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