Take a pattern out of performance mode

Wonder if anyone can help…I have a group of 5 patterns in pad mode. The patterns all have the same performance mode attached, but I would like to take the last pattern, which only has one chord, out of performance mode, and just have it sustain. When I look at pattern edit mode, it doesn’t seem to have an option for “no performance”.
Of course I can just edit it in my DAW, but I’m wondering how to do it in Scaler.
Hope this makes sense! Thanks.

I think maybe you can put that last pattern that you don’t want to be heard, in Rest

I do want it it be heard, but not to play the pattern…just to sustain as an ending chord.

I’m trying it
Try this:

I hope it works for you.
To the last chord, I assigned the same voice grouping, but in Legato, and only the chord sounds without Performance
I have to go out to work. At night I see if it was worth it, and if not, we will continue testing. It’s another nice thing in Scaler. We can try until we get it

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It seems to work…thank you.