Temporary "Force all chords to Triads" mode for any progression

Many of these auto pattern playing plugins and orchestrator type tools work best when just being fed simple triads or even two note chords. Although the new COMMON PROGRESSIONS chordsets all have a TRIAD version - it would be so cool if ANY of the existing progressions could be made to temporarily just output triads or the basic chord forms those pattern/arrranger orchestrator ( OPUS for example ) would work with best.

I think- to take OPUS ORCH. as an example ( which I’m trying out via the EQ monthly subscription ) I think in addition to a FORCE TO TRIADS checkbox option it might also be necessary to add an option to move those triads up or down an octave-.

I guess the basic thing being asked for here - is to have some algorithm which forces the progression to output a chord in a form that is ideally suited to this pattern players - whether NI EMOTIVE STRINGS, UNIFY OR OPUS ORCHESTRATOR etc.

Have you checked out the Voice Grouping profiles top right, this is what they are designed for.

could you possible explain a bit more?

which options would do it?

I’m guessing its the EXTRACT option? but how do I use it?

if I have to play in a triad every time I want to have the prog forced to triads, I’d still prefer just a checkbox somewhere on the front panel specifically for this

Update: I’ve now figured out how to do this. But firstly it is you have to admit awfully laborious to do - plus I think there’s a bug in the code.

Firstly - the steps:

1 Click on DETECT
2 play the chord
3 select EXTRACT from the drop down menu
4 select EXTRACT as the option in VOICE GROUPING

Far better would be just a simple on/off checkbox somewhere along with maybe an octave range selector.

As to the bug - I noticed that when a triad is used - say on middle C - often when the original chord is an extended chord, sys, 7 etc- that the 4th note is played high up and outside of the octave in which the original triad was played in for extraction,.