ThanKs for the MonKey, MiKi XD

OK, thanks, I’ll do that tonight

but the situation is still different compared to Strum-GS, because with it and the Guitar option, the notes I hit in the arp/strum area are always in tune with the chords played by Scaler (or my other hand)

With NI instead, I must use some Bitwig filter to play in-tune notes, and these filters don’t work always correctly, just like Scaler green keys that let you make amazing solos sometimes, or crappy ones often

About @Hulkko, if I were a guitarist, I’d never acquired a guitar plugin, OR I’d always used a guitar plugin driven by my hardware guitar, and the same applies to all the other instruments

Another problem is that the NI is sample-based, so it doesn’t have a MIDI out, and I cannot use it to drive e.g. Strum-GS 2
And, clearly, I cannot use Bitwigìs Harmonize to play solo notes in tune

The other problem (also with Soundpaint) is that my IT system is too much weak to load samples quickly, so auditing them is a nightmare

Actually Kontakt will pass notes to the outside world if you set it in preferences. You are probably using the free Kontakt Player so I’m not sure with that one but usually under Kontakt preferences under Engine there is a menu that says Pass notes to outside world and you can choose what type.
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I have that feature, but the 5 options are obscure… :thinking:

You want script generated notes if you want the notes generated by Kontakt such as the patterns from Sunburst to be sent out to capture or go to another instrument as well. CC info is continuous controller like pitch bend or mod wheel. It’s quite simple if you think about it. It opens up Kontakt a lot.

ahem, do you mean “Script generated notes”?

Yes. Scripted notes/Script Generated. Obviously Incoming notes are the chords or notes you are playing on you keyboard or in Scaler. You usually don’t want them mixed with the notes Kontakt is Generating with it’s actions just like when you trigger chords in bind you don’t want the trigger notes sent usually…
Make sense? Is it a language thing?

OK; this night I’ll try that
I need it not to drive other plugins, but rather to play solos in sync through Bitwig Harmonize

BTW, do you know why Bitwig Harmonize works only if used in C (the default), nevertheless the root note I have in Scaler?

This behaviour is strange to me, because I could expect one must use the same root note used by Scaler, not always the C

And I also noted that Key Filter used before an instrument is useless, and used after is only rarely useful… :thinking:

Don’t know what you mean. I have it set to keep notes on Sunburst from C2 - G8 Which it does perfectly.
It keeps stray notes from the Key Switches. What happens on yours? If you use it after Kontakt it would filter melody note out which is not what you want.

Here I have Note Filter set from C2-G8 to Keep all the notes in that range. If I play any BELOW C2 they do NOT play exactly what I want. I don’t want stray notes triggering the key switches to change patterns I want to change the myself when I need to.
Screen Shot 2023-01-22 at 1.44.57 PM

I use Harmonize to play solos, so I use it before the instrument used to play a solo, that can be a guitar or a flute, and I set the Harmonize input on Scaler, usually, or another accompaniment instrument (usually driven by Scaler)

So what are you filtering out?

Well, here is my first track with the NI Picked Acoustic: Sweet Guitar

This time, to do the piano solo, I used Scaler Keys-Lock

Decidedly a cool guitar :heart_eyes:

I tried to filter the piano solo in the song above, but it didn’t work, so I used Scaler Keys-Lock

These tricks work (when they work) randomly: sometimes the 1st works, sometimes just the 2nd (or no one)

I cannot see Harmonize here…
I suspect we are speaking about 2 different things

For example, in this Latin tune I am doing the sax solo

And as you see the scale in Scaler is D minor, but Harmonize works ONLY in C

Great… I personally like it with NI picked acoustic. The best I’ve tried. The sound is incredibly good. Works easily with Scaler anyway.