The ability to save a chord progression (as a MIDI file) directly into a chosen location (Windows)

I would like a “save” button in Section C, that opens an Explorer window, so that you can save your progression as a MIDI file, for use elsewhere. Not all DAWs allow you to simply export a single MIDI clip (I use Bitwig; there is a workaround, but it is painful!), so that’s not really an acceptable alternative.
It is useful sometimes to have your chord progression as a MIDI file, in order to load it into other VSTs (again, not all DAWs allow simple “drag and drop” in this respect).
Thanks for considering this feature.

Just to clarify, there is already a “SAVE” button in Sectin C that saves a pattern as an XML file. But I think you are suggestion is the ability to export a midi file from Section C rather than save an XML filein addition to the SVAE option that already exists, is that correct?

Yes, that’s right. An additional “save as”, so that you can export your chord progression as a .mid file, for editing or use elsewhere. I would prefer this to “dragging and dropping”, as you could name your file as you saved it to your chosen location.