The Double Harmonic Scale

As far as i can tell the Double Harmonic Scale is non present in Scaler.
On behalf of all double harmonic people i would like to see it added.

I have checked to verify if my request is valid and i can confirm that this scale is not included in Scaler. Actually there are two scales in question (Derived from the Double Harmonic Scale). We have the Double Harmonic Major Scale and the Double Harmonic Minor Scale. None of these are included in the present version of Scaler. In terms of all scales that are included i find it a bit strange that these arent. Surely not what most people use but i dont find them too odd or special to be left outside.

I wasnt able to upload the midi files so here are the scale notes:

C Double Harmonic Major : C - Db - E - F - G - Ab - B
C Double Harmonic Minor : C - D - Eb - F# - G - Ab - B

Hopefully we see them in a furure update :wink:

Hi @Volta

thanks for the suggestion, we will have a look and try to add it to a future release.


@Volta Actually we do have that Scale. We have it listed as the Hungarian Gispy Scale and whilst you’ve pointed it out I notice we have it spelt (Gipsy should be Gypsy) incorrectly so win win!!!

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The scale you are refering to is not the double harmonic scale at all.

Here is the Double Harmonic:

Double Harmonic Scale

Ah before your edit you were indeed referring to the Double Harmonic scale as opposed to the Double Harmonic Major scale with the flattened second. Very distinct and exotic, our Hungarian Gypsy Scale is actually the fourth mode of the Double Harmonic Scale which is what you initially referred to hence my response that we do have a few of the modes of that scale covered except for 1,3 & 5:

Can you please check and confirm that the fourth mode (minor) is included?
If so there has to be something wrong with my installation…

I have the Hungarian Gypsy scale but the notes are not the same as the fourth mode.
The Hungarian Gypsy has a B flat, but the fourth mode of the double harmonic scale should not have a B flat. Just a regular B.

@davide Dont know if you read my last reply. But i would appreciate if you could follow up on this. Ive been missing that scale since the release of Scaler.

Stay tuned @Volta We are releasing 1.8.1 in a week or two with bug fixes and the some added scales to your liking!!! Will post on here when done.

Awesome:) Looking forward to it.

Hi @Volta

it’s been a bit more than a couple of weeks but the 1.8.1 update containing the Double Harmonic Major scale and its modes is now available on Plugin Boutique. You can access the installer from your account page.


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