The Keith Emerson button - The tutorial

Well, after my poor try with Rick Wakeman, here is my other outrageous try with Keith Emerson :smile:

First, you need an Hammond, possibly a real one so you can destroy it during the performance :rofl:

I don’t have the real thing, so I used my loyal GSi VB3-II, but let us start from the beginning

I started with Scaler

Scaler for acco guitar.xml (13.2 KB)

driving this guitar

but instead of using an automatic riff spreading Scaler notes in the UJAM areas, I used my hand to change the patterns on the fly, and to have all riffs (not just the last one) I recorded my performance into an Audio track

Then I duplicated the Scaler instance, but instead of using the same series of chords together with Keys-Lock, I used again the noncanonical workflow that is giving me a lot of fun since I found it

Scaler for Hammond solo.xml (10.8 KB)

as you see with the Scaler for Hammond, I use just one chord borrowed from the scale of the guitar, and I de-sync Scaler from the DAW

So, when I hit the space bar, only one chord is produced

If you sync Scaler with your DAW instead, you’ll have a persisting chord played

The good of this workflow is that you can use tons of notes for solo, not just less than 2 octaves like with the Keys-Lock feature
You can use anything starting from C2!

For bass and drums I dragged & dropped into them one of the UJAM riffs, then I selected a proper instrument and some spatial effect

Now, as I said in the other linked post, I noticed that my keyboard produces gaps sometimes: maybe it’s the latency or the wearing mechanics, who knows?

Anyway, the resulting tune Rock Nice reminds me a bit The Nice, or even other rock bands in the same era

Let me know what do you think about